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How to increase height by wearing proper | Height Increase Tips



How to increase height by wearing proper Attire?

Effects of attire on the development of Body

You must have noticed that few men and women look smart and tall just because of their attire, in real they are not so tall. Also, there are few others who in spite of having a good stature and personality seem shorter just because of the kind of costumes they wear. Hence it is quite important to understand how to increase height by wearing correct attire.

If you ask today’s generation they prefer wearing tight dresses, it has become a trend nowadays. Males and females wear tight shirts, trousers, jackets, blouses and even shoes. They say it’s the fashion of today.

What is this fashion all about? Is it copying others? To look different can be fashion but without knowing and following someone is not justified. In recent times, though this faulty practice has reduced.

Just like in the case of trees and plants, which need ample water, air, sunlight, and soil to develop their roots and grow in shape and size, similarly, our body also, needs space to move and breathe. Our body parts need open space to grow and if we wear tight clothes we are actually restricting it to happen.

Children who wear tight pants and pajamas seldom grow by their legs and same is applicable to girls. Wearing a tight vest, trunks, clothes which are tight on waist, chest, and neck stop the growth of chest, thighs, arms etc of the body. Clothes with tightness on the wrist and neck slow down the growth of neck and wrists.

How to increase height by wearing appropriate clothes and the logic behind choosing the type of Clothes?

Average Height – People with average height should wear neither loose nor tight clothes. People with the bulky body can be advised to wear tight clothes so that they may stop the excess growth. That means one must wear clothes as per the body type like bulky people should not wear loose clothes.

Some people have short and some have a long torso and sometimes the legs are long. Wearing a shirt, without tucking in the pants can make the torso look tall. Similarly, if you have short legs you may wear the shirt tucking inside the pants to look taller. Similarly few ladies, who are taller above average, can wear loose clothes to look normal height.

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