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How to increase height by correct body posture | Height Increase Tips



A correct posture (the way you sit or stand or walk) can help you increase height.

We spend a lot of time sitting. Theories which are applicable while standing are equally applicable when we are sitting. We must properly support the back while sitting and keep the spine straight.

We should not forget that sitting in a good posture has its own social and intellectual importance and beauty. We all would like to make a good impression on others and would like to influence others by your stature. Hence it is very important to sit in a proper and correct posture.

We should always sit in a posture where the spine should not be bent, and should always be kept straight. While driving, especially after a long drive we tend to get tired, this is because we drive with our head bend forward and the back or spine is without any support.

People with sitting jobs or students who study while sitting must sit on a chair with a back support. If you bend by the waist or by the shoulders you tend to bend the spine.

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I gained 1 inch of height  

Good morning, Doctor. I had ordered for your height increase course two months back and since then I have gained 1 inch of height. I would like to repeat my order. Please do the needful.

Pradeep Verma    November 11, 2013   New Delhi   
My height increased by 1 inch  

I have used your height increase course for two months and I'm glad that my height increased by 1 inch. Just a clarification, will it affect my height if I do push-ups? Do you have any body building course as well?

Jagmohan Chauhan    November 11, 2013   Delhi   
I'm so happy with my height now  

Dear Doctor Saab. I used your height increase course and I'm so happy that my height increased. I am fully satisfied. Can I get one more course, please?

Dinesh Kumar    November 7, 2000   Rajouri (J&K)