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Height Increase Counselor-Height Growth Help- Doctor for Height Increase


Height Increase Counselor

height increase counselor : How We Help to Grow Your Height

We have qualified height increase counselor and health and fitness experts who can guide you to gain a few inches of your height, provided you are biologically eligible to do so.

We clarify your doubts and apprehensions about being able to or unable to gain height. Once we see a possibility for you to gain height, only then we offer you to follow the height increase course.

Height Increase Counselor

Our Height Increase Counselor  strictly adhere to ethical Ayurveda practice in stimulating the hormones in your body, thus ruling out any chance of adverse affect on your body.

Our Height Increase counselling/ height increase course generally consists of :

    • Addressing medical issues, if any
    • Diagnose the root cause of stoppage of growth
    • Suggesting Action Plan
    • Diet Counselling
    • Recommending sleep patterns and postures
    • Teaching Yogasans
    • Ayurvedic medicines, if needed.
    • Regular Follow ups

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I gained 1 inch of height  

Good morning, Doctor. I had ordered for your height increase course two months back and since then I have gained 1 inch of height. I would like to repeat my order. Please do the needful.

Pradeep Verma    November 11, 2013   New Delhi   
My height increased by 1 inch  

I have used your height increase course for two months and I'm glad that my height increased by 1 inch. Just a clarification, will it affect my height if I do push-ups? Do you have any body building course as well?

Jagmohan Chauhan    November 11, 2013   Delhi   
I'm so happy with my height now  

Dear Doctor Saab. I used your height increase course and I'm so happy that my height increased. I am fully satisfied. Can I get one more course, please?

Dinesh Kumar    November 7, 2000   Rajouri (J&K)