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Quick Tips to Grow Taller | Best Doctor for height increasing in India


 quick tips to grow taller

How to Grow taller by applying Artificial/ Superficial Ways

Due to the habit of negligence few people look shorter than their natural height. Also, there are people who use artificial or superficial ways to look taller, than their natural height.

Naturally tall and superficially tall are two different things, while the latter is artificial the former is truth.

We prefer you grow naturally taller, while you follow our “How to Increase Height” program. But we do understand the negative impact of “looking short” feeling on individuals, and hence we share few things which can console them. We strongly discourage, though, the use of these artificial methods of looking tall and we suggest not to be habitual of them.

As the subject of adoption of artificial means in the program 'How to Grow taller' is not part of our curriculum, therefore, only symbolic information is being given to the effect of artificial means. If you keep this in mind then you can take some advantage:

tall womanWear clothes with stripes going downwards, you may look taller.


tall manWear dark colored clothes, it will always give the impression of tall stature.


Wear high heeled, shoes or boots to look tall. It may increase your height by 1.3inches to 2 inches. (Remember to wear such footwear may cause damage to your spine and waist, so wear them only when you are about to move out).

hairstyle-to-look-tallLadies and Gents can have different hairstyles to look taller. If somebody, especially men, doesn't like long hairs, you may wear a hat to look tall.


No doubt being tall is better than looking tall and being tall boost your confidence and also changes your overall personality. With this theme we would like you to full heartedly understand, practice, imbibe, and follow our course “How to Increase Height” and take full benefits of the same.

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I gained 1 inch of height  

Good morning, Doctor. I had ordered for your height increase course two months back and since then I have gained 1 inch of height. I would like to repeat my order. Please do the needful.

Pradeep Verma    November 11, 2013   New Delhi   
My height increased by 1 inch  

I have used your height increase course for two months and I'm glad that my height increased by 1 inch. Just a clarification, will it affect my height if I do push-ups? Do you have any body building course as well?

Jagmohan Chauhan    November 11, 2013   Delhi   
I'm so happy with my height now  

Dear Doctor Saab. I used your height increase course and I'm so happy that my height increased. I am fully satisfied. Can I get one more course, please?

Dinesh Kumar    November 7, 2000   Rajouri (J&K)