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Why Growth Stops : Height Growth Medicine : Reason of stop height


Why Growth Stops

Have you ever wondered what makes human height stop growing? For some people, it could stop by the age of 18 years while for some unfortunate ones, it could be before that. Let us see what the reasons why our height stops growing are.Reasons why human height stops growing

Genetic factors: Our genes inherited from our parents play a big role in deciding our appearance and growth. These genes together with other factors sometimes become responsible for the inhibition of linear growth. They cause the cells to stop multiplying and lengthen bones thereby stopping the growth in height.

Unhealthy Lifestyle: Health and development is greatly affected by your lifestyle choices like behaviors and attitudes. People who make healthy choices are found to prolong their growth than those who do not. Unhealthy lifestyle triggers a lot of health problems including diseases and bring the growth in height to a standstill.

Poor diet: Food is the fuel that runs the bodily functions. It increases blood circulation and good metabolism resulting in larger bones. Bone growth also depends on absorption of calcium from the food. So if you don’t eat right, the growth and development of the body will be negatively affected.

Inadequate sleep: You might have heard that inadequate sleep causes a lot of health issues. During sleep, the pituitary gland becomes active which secretes hormones for growth and development. Sleeping for very less time hinders the production of these hormones which could result in slowing down the height growth.

Apart from above, there are a number of other factors that affect height like physical environment, stress levels etc. You may take care from the beginning itself so that many of these factors do not affect you. Healthy food is the most basic thing you can rely on which promises healthy growth and development.

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I gained 1 inch of height  

Good morning, Doctor. I had ordered for your height increase course two months back and since then I have gained 1 inch of height. I would like to repeat my order. Please do the needful.

Pradeep Verma    November 11, 2013   New Delhi   
My height increased by 1 inch  

I have used your height increase course for two months and I'm glad that my height increased by 1 inch. Just a clarification, will it affect my height if I do push-ups? Do you have any body building course as well?

Jagmohan Chauhan    November 11, 2013   Delhi   
I'm so happy with my height now  

Dear Doctor Saab. I used your height increase course and I'm so happy that my height increased. I am fully satisfied. Can I get one more course, please?

Dinesh Kumar    November 7, 2000   Rajouri (J&K)