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You May Also Gain Height, Naturally

Your physical height is directly proportional to your personality and also to some extent to your self-confidence. Whether you are a girl or a boy, if you have a good height then your personality automatically stands out from the crowd. You feel more confident.

Generally, during the puberty our body goes through many hormonal changes. One of the hormones which are released in our body is Human Growth Hormone which is responsible for our physical height.

The secretion of these hormones takes place in the pituitary gland of our brain. The release of these hormones reduces gradually and so does our height, after the age of 21 years.

Ayurveda however, has remedies through which it is possible to stimulate the Human Growth Hormones and the chances of increasing height enhances upto the age 23 years.

Growing taller is in your hands. Ayurveda can only supplement your efforts. And we can help you increase your height through indoor physical exercises, yoga, balanced diet, and a suggestive healthy lifestyle to follow. Take an appointment or call us to find more on it. Thank You.

  • Why Growth Stops

    Have you ever wondered what makes human height stop growing? For some people, it could stop by the age of 18 years while for some unfortunate ones, it could be before that. Let us see what the reasons why our height stops growing are

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  • The Ideal Height

    New parents are constantly worried of whether their child is growing normally or not. The fact is that every child is different and his or her growth rate can be different from other kids of the same age. But, experts say that this is perfectly normal.

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  • How To Increase Height

    Usually we hear our grandparents stating- In our generations people use to be healthy, hearty and strong. This kind of information

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  • Simple Exercises To Gain Height

    While in general human height tends to stop growing after the age of 21, there are remedies available in Ayurveda that helps stimulates the Growth Hormones

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  • Tips To Look Taller

    A correct posture (the way you sit or stand or walk) can help you increase height. We spend a lot of time sitting. Theories which are applicable while standing are equally applicable when we are sitting..

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  • Ideal Diet To Gain Height

    For a diet to become balanced, you must include salads, fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts in your daily menu plan. A Balanced Diet comprises of the following food groups

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  • How We May help

    We are one of the best Ayurvedic Clinics in Delhi/NCR with expertise and experience of over 70 years in reinventing the age old manuscripts and ethical formulations of Ayurveda for curing growth problems.

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  • Yes, I Gained Height

    I wasnt sure of the fact that at the age of 23 I could still grow tall. But having followed the Ayurvedic process of increasing height, I not only increased my height but boosted my confidence as well

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